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Burung Kuang Raya

Kuang City of pheasant only available in Malaysia and it is categorized in CITIES 1 because its population is almost extinct. Kolesksi Fowl bird (Pheasant) found in ByhatieFarm is Golden, Yellow, Silver and Lady Amherst's. All pheasants is in Byhatiefarm is originated from China.

Fowl Birds usually lay eggs between March and this Jun.Setakat ByhatieFarm successfully bred two types of poultry-Redgolden and Yellow, the number of eggs each season for a pheasant can reach 16 pips and so far ByhatieFarm hatch incubator use, rather unfortunate relatively high death rate probably because of improper handling care.

Werm given almost every week to health Kuang awake. Actually pheasant is the most beautiful bird in the category for color colorful feathers and sparkles. ByhatieFarm await the arrival of the month of March to see the birds nesting pheasants.

Burung Helang Pipit   

Pipit cob (English: Besra) is a bird of prey belonging to the family Accipitridae. It is a breeding habitation prevalent in dense forests throughout South Asia, from Pakistan and India to south China and Indonesia. These birds are laying 2-5 eggs each nesting in the trees, and build a new nest each year. Scientific name Accipiter virgatus.

Pipit cob is a medium-sized bird (29-36cm). Both forms of short and wide wings and a long tail is an adaptation for fast movement. A common characteristic of these species flight is "swishing-wether - swishing-wether - float". The bottom of the crossed wings distinguish it from A. badius, Shikra bird.
This species of bird-like version of the older Shikra color, but all the feathers have dark vertical bands colored neck.

Adult males have the top of the bluish gray and white bottom, with reddish bars. The females are larger, with the brown color it is older than males. The baby bird has a colored top and dark brown on the bottom, white, with brown bars. It also has a barred tail.

Burung Belatuk

The woodpecker is an animal that belongs to the class of living things, of nature: animals, phylum: kordata, sub-phyla: vertebrates (vertebrate), class: birds. Woodpeckers are warm-blooded animals, have wings and feathers covered body. The woodpecker's beak is not as hard as toothed and chisel.

Most species are brightly colored woodpeckers Peninsular Malaysia and colorful. However, female woodpeckers usually less bright and colorful (Madoc, 1976). These birds can be seen perched vertically on the tail end of the trunk as she drives a hard beak and peck chisel shaped trees as fast repetitive firing machine gun (Madoc, 1976) to find food or to tap trees for nesting.

Sounds fairly strong patukannya could be heard from afar. Besides, woodpeckers also remove sound harsh and shrill screams. In the air, flying woodpeckers undulated quite weak (Tweedie, 1960, 1970; Madoc, 1976). From the very nature of love to peck the branch or trunk that woodpecker gets its name. Its name in English too (Woodpecker) give similar.

Peninsular Malaysia woodpeckers size varies from pigeons to a smaller size than the main pipit.Makanan woodpeckers are worms and insects, obtained by pecking branches and trunks with a hard beak bak pahat.Burung reproduce woodpeckers nest in trees holes. Bercangkerang woodpecker eggs hard.

Burung Helang

Eagles are warm-blooded animals, have wings and feathers shrouded body. For birds, eagles reproduce by laying eggs that have hard shells in the nest built. They care for the child so that they can fly.

The eagle is a predator or carnivore animals (carnivores). Its main food small mammals such as mice, squirrels and birds. There are some eagles that catch fish as their main food.

Not toothed beak eagle but have a strong bent for tearing flesh victims. Birds in also has a pair of strong legs and sharp claws for gripping prey and a sharp vision to hunt prey from a distance.

Eagles have an effective respiratory system and is able to supply the amount of oxygen that is much needed during flight. Eagles heart consists of four chambers like a man. The room known as the atrium, while the room known as the ventricles.

Burung Gagak

There is no good systematic approach to this genus at present. In general, the species from a geographical area are considered more closely related to each other than to other lineages, but this is not necessarily correct. For example, while the remains of Crow / Collar / House of course closely related to each other, the situation is not so clear about the species in Australia and Melanesia.

Although there are many Neogen fossil record in Europe, the relations between the most prehistoric species are not clear. Birds with bird size jackdaw, crow, and Raven looks to have existed since long, with the crows are often hunted by humans since the Iron Age documenting the evolution of modern taxon-taxon.

Instead, American crows are not documented so baik.Sebilangan species and shocking huge extinct after human exploration; losing a prehistoric Caribbean crow might be caused by climate changes of the last Ice Age.

According to federal regulations in the United States, hunting crows are valid in law for most states, usually around August to the end of March, and at any time if the bird cause a nuisance or health hazard. Number that may be hunted are not limited during the "crow hunting season." In the United Kingdom, killing or hunting crows in the wild areas banned.

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